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Tony Gammidge and  Animated Tales


I am an Artist, Filmmaker/Animator, trainer and HCPC registered Art Therapist.

I have a particular interest in stories, and personal narrative and in the idea of embodied storymaking (stories that are made by hand as well as told).

This is reflected in my own work, in my own films, artist books and installations but also my participatory work in prisons, secure units, mental health settings and centres for asylum seekers.
I have been running these innovative animation and story projects for the last 12 years and have made over 30 films with participants in this time. Many of these films have won Koestler awards and been screened in conferences, symposiums and in galleries and museums.

The projects give participants the opportunity to make their own film and tell their own story, enabling them to take back control of their own histories. Many of the films that have been made tell of difficult and traumatic experiences. The hands-on animation process though enables these narratives to be told in a way that is safe and enpowering.


Stories of all kinds are central to my work and in particuar to the philosophy of Animated Tales which provides CPD stop-frame animation and embodied story-making courses and workshops to health and education professionals, service users, artists/non-artists and anyone who is curious, and wants to tell a story.

"... it is my right and obligation to send my stories into the world, even if silently, even if utterly powerless.” (Sudanese refugee, Valentino Achak Deng in 'What is the What' by Dave Eggers)

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Tony Gammidge and Animated Tales

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