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Films from Prisons and Secure Units

These are films made by prisoners and service users as part of commisioned animation projects.

Film from Brixton HMP

A Knife Crime (it wasn't anything personal)

HMP Bronzefield 2022
A category A prison for women in Surrey. The project took place on the EOS (Enhanced Offender management) programme. 

My Dark Shadow by Shaz

Kick About by Tasha

Medway Secure Training Centre
Secure services for young people aged 13-18
we were commissioned to work with the young people to make work on the theme of 'healthcare'. By some miracle we managed to make 6 short films with the young people in a very short amount of time.

The Bracton and Memorial Hospital
Medium and low secure hospitals.

A story based on the experience of a boy soldier in Somalia and his subsequent experiences of trauma.

Living in Darkness by Kerry
made on the women's ward

Millfields Unit, John Howard Centre
a forensic therapeutic community

Bear Faced Truth
this was very much a collaborative film group processes on the unit but also peoples stories and backgrounds that emerged from the process.

Brixton HMP
A category b prison and 2 of the films from the project on the London Pathways Unit.

Wooden Overcoat By Christopher

Tick Tock by William

Films from HMP Swaleside 2015 and 2017
This is a category B prison on the Isle of Sheppey.
These 2 projects took place on the mental health wings
of the prison.


Stand Up for Mental Health by Lawrence

Ripple Effect by Chris

Thamesmead Forever by Gary

Why So Many ? by Terry

Evaluation Interviews 2017

The Choice by Richie

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