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Films by Refugees and those who are displaced and/or Seeking Asylum
For some years I have been lucky enough to have worked with people who have been displaced and are navigating their way through the asylum system.
I have worked with Artrefuge, Freedom from Torture and Young Roots

Films from Freedom From Torture

'Good Memories' by Hamed

'Oh No Not Again' is by Indhu

'A Room with no Roof' by the Write to Life group is about
experiences of asylum interviews at the Home Office.

Young Roots and Art Refuge
This project was run by myself and Iranian artist Majid Adin in collaboration with Young Roots and Art Refuge. We set up an animation table at the Young Roots thursday evening social club. Many very very short films were made by the young people usually in one evening. This is a few of them.

2 Films about Sea Crossings

Short Films about superheros

Animation Films made with Art Refuge in Northern France
These very short films were made with people seeking asylum in The Jungle in Calais and the camp in Dunkirk 2017-2018

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