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2D Puppet Animation and

Story-Making Course

(shadow and cut-out puppets)

This short take away course is on 2D Puppet Animation and Storymaking. You can use this course in your own space and in your own time. It comes with online support.

The courses includes;

  • Three video tutorials (in total 36 minutes) .

  • Accompanying text that explores and contextualises this method.

  • Tasks for you to do at your own pace.

  • List of items you will need to acquire.

  • Bookable online support session and a monthly drop-in support group.


The course will show you how to make cut-out, painted and shadow puppets using paper, card and pins and then animate them with the 'stop-motion studio' app. It will tell you how to add backgrounds and what materials you can use for those. It will also show you how to add a basic sound. There is also a tutorial on drawn animation.

We will also look at how you might construct a narrative and start to tell the story you want to tell. You will then be able to go onto facilitate other people to tell their story using this method if you want.

The course will also support you in the ups and down of your creative process and work alongside the doubts, fears and usual blocks that can come with doing creative work.

Who is the Course For?

In general the course is for anyone who want to make a story (whether they know what that is or not) and who wants to learn how to work with the magical medium of stop-frame animation. It is for arts therapists, and other clinicians, educators and artists. It is also for people who might not think of themselves as artists but are interested. It is suitable for beginners but also for people with experience.

The course is lo-tech, experimental, enjoyable, hands on and embodied ( will be making things).

What do you need?

At minimum you need a tablet (apple or android) or a smart phone (quite fiddly but possible), a tripod and mount holder (from about £25). If you want to work on a laptop or desktop with a DSLR camera this might be possible depending on what equipment you have, but contact me first.

Otherwise you will need general art materials and for the shadow puppets a lightbox (A2 or A3), you can buy these from around £18-30 or even make one using led lights, a cardboard box and perspex.


With each film I make I learn new things, apply my own eclectic skill set in new ways and I learn how this magical world works and the potential it carries. The course is exceptional, Tony is a gifted and conscientious facilitator." (pilot course participant)

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