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Tales from the Heart of the Forest
Saturday 4th March, Brighton

The nights are long and it is time to collect around the metaphorical fire (whilst the wolves howl outside) to make and tell an embodied story. Stories are an intricate part of how we see ourselves and our culture. They are what connects us but also differentiates us and they can be way to healing but also a way to madness. In this workshop we might be telling a story about a girl lost in the forest with the beasts, or a man who kills his father, or children exiled from home, or a hunter who becomes the hunted. There are many stories to explore, relate to and subvert.
We will make a collaborative film from one of these.We will be using stop-frame animation, clay puppets and shadows, bits of twig, wire and found objects, old projectors and slides. You will get plasticine under your finger nails and most likely howl into a microphone.
We will eat cake and drink too much coffee (both provided). In short, it will be intuitive, fun and embodied.
You will learn and do;
1. Basic stop-frame animation.
2. Puppet making including clay/plasticine puppets and shadow puppets.
3. Embodied story-making and performance/sound.
4. Collaborative storytelling.
5. Slide animation and working with projectors.
The workshops are suitable for adults (and their inner children) who have an interest in stories and moving image, artists/non artists, arts therapists, other clinical professionals, educators etc.

Saturday March 4th 2023, 10.30-4.30pm Brighton (nr. the station). Limited places.

Cancellation Policy;More than one month before the workshop will be refunded in full (minus £10 admin fee).Less than one month but more than 10 days before the workshop you will receive a 50% refund. Less than 10 days notice will be fully chargeable I'm afraid but we will try and find a way of to make up for it.

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