CPD Animation Courses for People with a Story to Tell.

Following a handful of successful one day Animation Workshops in Brighton, Tony Gammidge of ‘Animated Tales’ is offering a series of reflective short animation/film courses for therapists, clinicians, artists, lecturers (and in fact anyone with a story to tell). The idea is that anyone can make an animation film and that everyone has a story to tell.  Animation is a powerful and accessible medium in which to explore the power of using narrative as a means of reflection, self-expression and story-telling. There are a number of different courses that are being scheduled for this year including  'make your own film' courses, 'Animation in Clinical Settings' as well as 'Reflective Animation and Supervision'. The groups will be small depending on the course (4-15 people) and often tailored made to participnats need.


Intensive Animation Courses (4 people) in which the emphasis will be on making your own autobiographical film using your own narrative.


Reflective Animation and Supervision Course (6-8 people)in which the focus will be on making a short film in response to clinical work that you are doing. The animation will offer a reflective narrative and art based approach to thinking about the work you are doing and the setting you are doing it in.


Using Animation in Clinical Settings (10-12 people); This course will explore how to use animation in clinical settings and will include making your own film as well as reflecting on some of the practical and psychological issues of using this medium in challenging environments and with potentially vulnerable people. It will also consider how the animation process can be an effective and powerful tool in working safely with trauma through containment, focus and re-storying.


Animation Workshops (12-15 people); In these popular 1 day workshops the whole group (12-15 people) will make an animation film collaboratively based on a well-known story or fairy tale.


1:1 Art Therapy and Animation Based Art Therapy; using a variety of art forms (including animation and narrative).


1:1 Art Therapy Supervision; My area of special knowledge and interest is in working with narrative as well as attachment and trauma theories. My experience lies in forensic and mental health, as well with work with refugees.

Previous Workshops



Animation and Narrative CPD Workshop

Saturday 18th November 2017


Animation and Narrative CPD Workshop

July 2017


Animation and Narrative CPD Workshop

April 2017

Some comments from the evaluation of previous workshops;


"The way it was structured stimulated collective imagination and made small group collaboration easy"


“It was fun and also so meaningful professionally.”


“It was most thought provoking, and I loved the use of the fairy tale as a vehicle for further thought.”


“You empowered us in a containing way as a group, and individually, to put together our film.”


"The film we made very much exceeds my expectations.” 


We are sorry for the gap in workshops of late... our own stories getting in the way. We are hoping to get some more workshops up and running in the Autumn. Watch this space or email me so that I can let you know when the next will be.