Stop-Frame Animation and

Story-Making Courses

for People with a Story to Tell. 

NEWS!! Launch December

In March we set up a pilot scheme of 'take away/online' storytelling and storymaking courses using stop-frame animation (amongst other things). Our talented and extraordinary students have been working hard, making puppets, backgrounds, handmade books and beginning to tell their stories. See extracts from some of their amazing work in progress below;

"If you can't find a way of telling your story, your story will tell you!" (Stephen Grosz)

 'Everyone has got a story and anyone can make a film.'

Stop-Frame Animation is an accessible and magical medium in which to tell I found and make (up) stories. The stories that come from our memory, imagination, from archives, diaries, our body, fairy tales, stories made up or half remembered or stories that emerge through the filmmaking process.  It is a powerful medium that encourages reflection, self-expression and directorial control. In stop-frame animation we work with embodied narratives because we are making the story with our hands not just telling it in words.

I have found animation to be a powerful and safe medium in which to tell difficult and traumatic stories both in my own films but also work with others (in forensic and mental health settings as well as with asylum seekers).

I am offering take away/online/remote (and eventually physical) stop-frame animation and storytelling courses to help you make your own film and tell the story you want to tell. You don't have to be a filmmaker, you don't have to be good at making or drawing, you just need to want to tell a story (whether you know what that story is or not).

Take Away/Online/remote? How this works.

Once you sign up for a course I send you a link to your video tutorials and the text including set tasks and then you make the work in your own space and time with email and online support from me.

The courses will be;






Narrative based



Suit a range of abilities.

Will give you the tools to tell your story and also faciliatate others to tell theirs.

Who are the courses for?

Health professionals

Education professionals


Anyone; who has a story they want to tell (even if they might not know what that story is).

The course is focused on stop-frame animation and is geared towards experimentation and thinking outside the box rather than a hi-tec approach.

What do you need?

At minimum you need a smart phone but preferably a tablet (apple or android) and an app called Stop Motion Studio. You will also need a tripod and a holder that connects to the tripod. (Each course will include a list of recommended equipment and materials you will need).

The courses take different forms, all of them at present (for obvious reasons) are done in the comfort of your own home/studio/work. In brief these are;

  • Short courses 

  • 1 Day courses

  • 1:1 Therapeutic Animation and Personal Narrative

  • 1:1 Mentoring and Supervision

  • A Full 1 year Animation and Narrative Course (available soon).

Short Courses (available at £65 each);

You will receive a video tutorial, information in text document, list of materials and equipment you will need and where to get it, as well as tasks to complete and you will also receive email/online/phone support.

Claymation Module


Video Tutorials (up to 45 mins) showing;

Making Plasticine and Clay Puppets (including armatures)

Doing Stop-Frame Animation

Making Backgrounds and Foregrounds

Framing your Picture

Story and Narrative Development

Adding basic Sound

Includes email/online/phone support

The course comes with set tasks for you to do in your own time of which you will receive feedback (if you want).




2D Animation with Shadow Puppets and

Cut-Out/Collage/Painted Puppets

includes video tutorials (up to 45 mins) showing;

Making Shadow Puppets, Cut-out/Collaged/Painted Puppets

Animating the puppets using Stop-Frame Animation


Adding Sound

Set Tasks


1 Day Courses (dates t.b.c.) £55

How does on earth does this work?

The 1 day course will focus on a particular animation medium (e.g. claymation, cut-out puppets, shadows puppets) and will either be focused on using your own narrative or we will use a well known story which we will tell collaboratively.  Each participant will be sent tutorials in the form of video and text and a list of things you will need. 

On the day you will receive a video and text tutorial with clear instructions as to what to do and a timetable. There will be some group time (online) and then you will get on with the tutorial and the tasks on your own in your space and we will keep checking in with each other. I will be available all day for facilitation, support and (virtual) refreshments.

The 1 day courses will focus on a particular medium (e.g. claymation, cut -out puppets etc.).

The course includes

Making puppets (according to which course you do)

Doing stop-frame animation

Working with narrative (either your own story or a well known story pre-determined).

Basic backgrounds

Basic Sound.

By the end of the day you should have a short animation film or the start of a film which you can then continue at your own pace .

1:1 Art Therapy using Story and Animation. This is for people who would like to do art therapy using animation. Also if there is a story you want to tell that might be difficult and traumatic this can offer you regular support. I have a personal and professional interest and training in trauma theory and practice. I am BAAT (British Association of Art Therapy) registered as a private practioner. Please contact me for more details.

1:1 Animation Mentoring and Supervision. I also provide mentoring in working with story and animation. I am also a BAAT registered art therapy supervisor and also provide supervision for those using animation in clinical settings. My experience and expertise is in working in mental health and forensic settings as well as working with asylum seekers. Please contact me for more details.








What current participants have said about the pilot course;

"My friends have noticed how much happier I am after days spent making animations on Tony’s course. I’ve entered a magical world, full of light and dark."

"I wake up in the morning thinking about animations - this course has got me hooked on the tiny world."


"This course expanded my awareness, creative output and understanding in three different areas: learning technical tools, overcoming my own blocks to creativity, and exploring my story. Animation techniques were introduced in simple, low tech steps, offering me a manageable way into a vast world of possibilities. Tony’s encouragement was gentle and practical. Under his guidance, I have produced work that has surprised and delighted me. Following the course has also allowed new insights to emerge from playing with my own story from a new perspective."

"It’s a brilliant course delivered in manageable subject modules with exactly the right proportions of practical guidance, thoughtful examples, encouragement to play, try things out and learn from what happens, technical help, and really helpful materials lists of what and where to buy what you might need. I don’t want it to end."

"Using the skills and methods Tony taught, I have gone on to use them with a friend in a care setting. With Tony as mentor and guide, we are working on a project that has already achieved significant benefits for both me and my co-creator; and is very moving to be a part of."

"Tony has managed to design a course that is packed with practical guidance and generously infused with ideas to explore and inspire. He encourages constructive play that I’ve found totally liberating. With each film I make I learn new things, apply my own eclectic skill set in new ways and I learn how this magical world works and the potential it carries. The course is exceptional, Tony is a gifted and conscientious facilitator."

"The course has been fantastic, and if it wasn’t for the online format, I don’t think I would have found the time to do it inbetween work and study.  It has allowed me to work at my own pace and focus on my own areas of development without feeling excessively constrained by formulaic modules.  I have really appreciated that freedom of expression whilst still having a guiding hand to keep me on track!  It has been really exciting to see my story develop and come to life as I have learnt new skills and techniques." 


"I think this modality will now become part of my ‘toolkit’ in both my own creative practice and in the work I do in a forensic settings with adolescents."

"A Brilliant, Creative, Experimental, Educational Fun Course"

"As an Art Therapist I find that the Animation skills I have learnt on the courses have enabled me to help develop clients interest in the field of Animation. I have a client at present who is designing some brilliant characters for his own Animation."

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