Online Stop-Frame Animation and

Story-Telling Courses for

People with a Story to Tell.

"If you can't find a way of telling your story, your story will tell you" (Grosz)

'Everyone has got a story and anyone can make a film.'

Stop-Frame Animation is an accessible and magical medium in which to tell stories. The stories that come from our memory, imagination, from archives, diaries, our body, fairy tales, stories made up or half remembered or stories that emerge through the filmmaking process.  It is a powerful medium that encourages reflection, self-expression and directorial control.

I am offering an online stop-frame animation and storytelling course to help you make your own film and tell the story you want to tell.

As way of introduction there is a free taster tutorial  that will show you you the basics of stop-frame animation using the Stop Motion Studio app. for a phone or tablet (Apple or Android) and will include 2 tasks for you to try out.

This is available by contacting me here.

Then, if you want to progress 

Level 1 'Animated Memoirs' Make your own Animated Film: a course developing your skills and ideas to tell your own story and make your own film.

This will include;

Making puppets (clay, shadow, cut-outs), more information on the Stop Motion Studio app, story development and structure, backgrounds and props, sound and support in editing and putting it all together.

The course will include some technical learning but it also favours experimentation and 'trying things out'.

The courses will be;





Narrative based



Who are the courses for?

Health professionals

Education professionals


Anyone; who has a story they want to tell (even if they might not know what that story is).

What do you need?

At minimum you need a smart phone and/or tablet (apple or android) and an app called Stop Motion Studio. It is also useful to have a tripod and a phone or tablet holder that connects to the tripod. (The course will include a list of recommended equipment and materials you will need to buy).

Art materials are also useful… plasticine, clay, black card, paper and pencils, glue etc. but they are not essential, you can animate anything (clothes, shoes, furniture, stationary, people).


How does it work?

Once you sign up you will be sent a link to each module every 2 weeks, this will include a video link with tutorials as well as instruction, factsheets and tasks. This will give you time to learn the techniques and then start practising, making and messing around with them.


Once you sign up you can work to your own timescale. I will keep sending you the modules and you can arrange 1:1 support when it suits you (email/phone/skype/zoom).

This will include subjects such as;

Claymation puppets and their armatures.

Backgrounds, sets, props and lighting.

Story Development and Structure how to access your story, storyboards, comics, animatics and handmade books.

Shadows, shadow puppets and cut-out puppets.

Stop Motion Studio app (including adding sound).

Drawn animation (with paper, pencil and a rubber) and on a tablet .

Sound including music, voiceovers, sound effects and lip sync.

'Bringing the whole thing together' (including looking at editing options) as well as adding live action footage, still images and archive footage.

I will set you a task for each module and the course includes up to 3 hours 1:1 online support.

The course can be tailored to individual needs. Email me with enquiries.

Your films once complete will be posted (if you are happy) on an Animated Tales page.



Contact me here to sign up or for enquiries.

I will be working in cohorts with a limited number at a time. There will be one bursary for those who are low waged in each cohort which will offer the course at a greater reduced rate; email me here to enquire.

I also offer 1:1 support and mentoring and art therapy using animation.




"The way it was structured stimulated collective imagination and made small group collaboration easy"

“It was fun and also so meaningful professionally.”

“It was most thought provoking, and I loved the use of the fairy tale as a vehicle for further thought.”

"The film we made very much exceeds my expectations.” 

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