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(remote and online at present)

Spend an immersive and focused day making your own animation film at home with support from me and in the (virtual) company of others. Start to explore this magical medium and begin to tell/make your own story.

How does this work?

  • You will receive a video tutorial with accompanying text, set tasks and a structure for the day.

  • A Kit list for the day sent in advance.

  • There will be collaborative group time.

  • Individual task time.

  • Regular check-ins.

  • Support and guidance from me throughout the day.

  • The tutorials will be yours to keep from that day.

You will need the following essential items to take part

  • A tablet or smart phone (apple or android)

  • Stop Motion Studio App.

  • A Tripod and Mount Holder

  • Plasticine or clay

  • Modelling Tools

  • Art materials including paper, card, pens, pencils, paint, scissors, craft knife, glue.


Apart from the tablet or phone all are relatively cheap and you will receive a full kit list with links on registration.

Important: Remember to order equipment in advance to receive before the workshop date!

Saturday March 20th


Cut-Out/Painted Puppets Animation and Storymaking.












This one day workshop will focus on 2D stop-frame animation using cut-out and painted puppets. We will be working with an emergent storymaking technique i.e. seeing what narrative emerges from the characters you make and the animation process (but you can also work with a story you might have in mind).


The workshop includes

  • Making cut-out puppets.

  • Learning how to use Stop Motion Studio.

  • Animating them with Stop-Frame Animation.

  • Working with narrative.

  • Backgrounds.

  • Adding basic sound.


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