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Cut Out and Shadow Puppet Animation Course


At minimum you need a tablet (Apple or Android) or at a pinch a smart phone (quite fiddly but possible), a tripod and a holder to connect the device to the tripod. If you want to work on a laptop or desktop with a DSLR camera this might be possible but contact me first.

The app. you need is called Stop Motion Studio and you can get the free one or the pro (I recommend the pro) in the apple app store.

Information here


Tripod and Holder

You will need a tripod and something that connects that to your phone or tablet. This doesn’t need to be expensive.

Something like this includes both tripod and holder for a tablet;

If you already have a tripod then you just need this for a tablet;

For a phone, tripod and holder; 

If you already have a tripod, a holder for the phone;

For the Shadow Puppets

You will need a lightbox for the shadow puppets (though not for the cut-out puppets).

You will need at least an A3 or even better an A2. I got mine from here  and they do an A2 one but is much more expensive.

They are cheaper on ebay but I can't vouch for them;

You can make your own lightbox much cheaper. This tutorial on youtube is helpful;

You can also use an Overhead Projector (OHP) which you can find 2nd hand on ebay etc. OHPs are big and heavy anfd there is limites space to work but you can project asd large as you like and onto anything you like, wall, a sheet, a window, the ceiling, a small mammal etc.

You will also need;

Black paper/card (if paper it needs to be quite firm)

Cutting Matt (Large as you can)

Black Brads (5mm)


PVA Glue

Craft Knife

Tissue paper

Blu Tac


These Things might also be useful;

Leather hole puncher

Lighting Gel

Printable Acetate


Additional things you will need for the Cut Out Puppets;


Paints, acrylic or gouche, or pens

Photos, magazines etc.

Lights (spotlights/anglepoise etc.)

note; the links to the items to buy are only suggestions and I don't personally vouch for them.

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