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Cut-Out Puppet Animation Course


At minimum

You need a tablet (Apple Ipad or Android) or at a pinch a smart phone (quite fiddly but possible), a tripod and a holder to connect the device to the tripod.

The app. you need is called Stop Motion Studio and you can get the free one or the pro (I recommend the pro) in the apple app store.

Information here

Tripod and Mount Holder

You will need a tripod and something that connects that to your phone or tablet. This doesn’t need to be expensive.

Something like this includes both tripod and holder for a tablet;

or this if you already have a tripod;

For a phone, tripod and holder; something like this;   or



Note; these links are suggestions of the type of thing you need, not recommendations.


Cutting Matt (Large as you can)

Brads (5mm) or Blu Tac

PVA Glue or glue stick

Craft Knife and scissors

Masking Tape



Lighting Gel


Paints, acrylic or gouche, or pens, paintbrush

Photos, magazines etc.

Lights (spotlights/anglepoise etc.)

Pencil and Rubber

Magnifying glass

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